See the whole world with Camera Story.

Camera Story was created in 2013 by co-founders Jacqueline Warrick and Sarah Landro. Since that time the team has grown to involve a solid group of professional photographers and photographic artists who dedicate their time and experience bringing the art of photography to people everywhere.

Both Sarah and Jacqueline work professionally as photographers. Jacqueline has completed a Masters of Professional Communications majoring in Photomedia and has worked extensively in North India, with her first book being published at the beginning of 2015. Sarah has a Postgraduate degree in Creative Industries, also majoring in Photomedia and is the current Gallery Co-ordinator at the Perth Centre for Photography. Camera Story embodies their drive to share photography with as many people in as many places as possible.

Current Positions.

Social Media Intern

Project Title | See the Whole World with Camera Story

Camera Story is a small not for profit organisation based in Perth. The co-founders Sarah and Jacqueline are professional photographers who have travelled and worked extensively overseas. They founded Camera Story to empower those living in under-resourced and vulnerable areas and to connect people and communities the world over through the power of photography. Harnessing the huge potential in image making to change world and lives, Camera Story encourages people to explore the camera, utilising the power of the photographic image to communicate creatively, compassionately and collaboratively. 

Camera Story work extensively in the community bringing photographic workshops to kids living in:

1) Under resources and vulnerable areas of Perth

2) Remote West Australia communities

3) Kids living overseas

At present Camera Story is expanding its operations to reach more and more kids in more and more areas. They are also planning a trip to India and Bangladesh in May 2016 to work with kids and communities and to facilitate a cross cultural art exchange. They are looking for an intern that can expand their brand. A passion for photography is not essential but may be helpful - but the main thing Camera Story are seeking is someone who has a keen eye keen eye for imagery and a love for social media and marketing. 


  • Undertaking a marketing degree
  • A team player with the ability to work as an individual
  • Can make great things happen with very little resources, particularly in the social media arena
  • Creative, innovative and likes coming up with new ideas that deliver results
  • Sound writing skills for different channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Has a keen eye for detail particularly with content and imagery
  • Is flexible with time
  • Has values of respect, integrity and trust
  • Is community minded

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